Tuesday, 19 April 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A Souvenir Pres. 'In The City' out 29 April on Souvenir

O.K, Souvenir = great label quality tunes etc etc from Berlin the hippest place on the planet allegedly never been so can't really say live in Paris but that's not the hippest so yeah who gives, right? 

Best thing about this is not the amazingly generous 13 track unmixed disc featuring tracks from Rampa, Amir Maher Daniel etc but the dopedy dope disc 2 a 19 track MIX - yes MIX from everybody's favourite Germans, the mighty Tiefschwarz. I've been listening to these guys rock it for over a decade and this mix is no exception. It builds up slowly like a good DJ set should and they really tear it up like the consummate professionals they are with some really infectious grooves and beats. This is worth getting just for the bonus CD so don't miss out on a master-class in DJing. I Can't resist this one and the voodoo you do to me Tiefschwarz is out of this world, so thank you.


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