Friday, 18 February 2011

VIDEO: DJ Funktual pres. 'Rock-n-Roll's Greatest Hip-Hop Samples Vol. 3'

Thanks to D- for churning me onto DJ Funktual and his awesome collection of music and well presented video hip-hop related music history lessons.

Check out Vol. 3 below as he spins through some of the greatest hip-hop samples ever used then be prepared to sacrifice a few of the best hours of your life exploring his vast collection lovingly brought to you in these 10 minute video clips that can be found on his YouTube channel page.


1. Funk-In-Wagnal - Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
(flipside to "Don't Pull Your Love" Dunhill / ABC 1971)

2. You & Love Are the Same - The Grass Roots
(flipside to "Lovin' Things" Dunhill / ABC 1969)
sampled by:
LL Cool J - Jinglin Baby
Chi Ali - The Fabulous Chi

3. Apache '65 - The Arrows
(Originally released on Sidewalk 1)

4. Put Your Hand in the Hand - Ocean
People Under the Stairs - Ten Tough Guys
and more...

5. I Can Hear You Calling - Three Dog Night
(flipside to "Joy to the World")
Black Sheep - Similak Child
MC Lyte - I Am the Lyte
Stetsasonic - To Whom It May Concern
Diamond D - Best Kept Secret
Three Times Dope - No Words

6. Sueno - The Young Rascals
(flipside to "Groovin'")
A Tribe Called Quest - I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

7. Magdalena - Leo Sayer
(flipside to: You Make Me feel Like Dancing)
Gang Starr - Precisely the Right Rhymes

8. Georgy Porgy - Toto
MC Lyte - Poor Georgie

9. Rainmaker - Nilsson
(flipside to: "Everybody's Talkin'")
Beatnuts - Straight Jacket

10. Forever Young - Alphaville
Jay-Z + Mr Hudson - Young Forever

11. Love Is Alive - Gary Wright
3rd Bass - Words of Wisdom
Salt N Pepa - Brand New
Tone Loc - Cuttin Rhythms

12. Beggin' - The Four Seasons
Madcon - Beggin'

13. Overture: Jesus Christ Superstar

14. Trudi - Donovan w/ Jeff Beck Group
(Flipside to: Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) )

15. I'm a Man - Chicago

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