Friday, 4 February 2011

MUSIC NEWS: Desire Records bring back the old school in cassette form!

Have you heard of Desire Records? Have you heard of cassettes? How old are you anyway? Yeah like I am just about old enough to remember them - ok, ok I am DEFINETELY old enough, I used them goddammit, for a long time during my childhood in the late 80's early 90's before switching to Minidisc (there's a thought when will they be making a comeback?). 

Anyway, I digress, I just though I'd let you know that Cassettes are still in use people, and there are even labels that are producing brand new music (great underground independent music!) that is available on cassette only. I mean this is exclusive shit you guys so dig out your old walkman and head on over to Desire Records to pick up a copy of one of the following;

limited edition cassette - 75 copies only - C90

This very limited edition cassette (pro-dubbed, 75 copies only), called Memory+, contains the full album on the A side and 7 exclusive and unreleased remixes on the B side by Soft Metals, White Car, T. Grave (Blessure Grave, Soft Kills, Group Hex), Death In Plains, Kris Komakino (Project:Komakino, Opus), NTRSN. Black printed on thick black paper, cream case, white tape.

side A
1 - Work Hard Short Life
2 - Sin Realite
3 - Perpetual Swim
4 - Mine Too
5 - Lost Race
6 - Empty Handed
7 - The Visitor
8 - Lead Head
9 - Living Dream
10 - Rapid Pulse

side B
1 - Work Hard Short Life (White Car Ephemeral Employment Mix)
2 - Sin Realite (DEATH IN PLAINs Remix)
3 - Mine Too (Soft Metals Remix Version 2)
4 - Work Hard Short Life (Don't Do it Remix by T. Grave)
5 - Perpetual Swim (Perpetual Sinking Remix by T. Grave)
6 - Work Hard Short Life (NTRSN Remix)
7 - Sin Realite (Real Sin Remix - Kris Komakino)
limited edition cassette - 60 copies only - C60

It includes an unreleased and exclusive long track recorded in rehearsal. 60 copies only, pro-dubbed yellow cassette, full color artwork printed on tracing paper!

side A
1 - The Vale Of Health (Part 1)
2 - The Vale Of Health (Part 2)
3 - Brandenburg
4 - Lorenheim
5 - Wholly Communion
6 - White Feather Letter
7 - The Lion King

side B
1 - Fauns
Dark, No Black volume 1
limited edition - 100 copies only - C50

The artwork is signed by French artist/musician/journalist/blogger Joseph Ghosn aka Discipline, the mix has been done by UK finest Spun Djs. It includes 14 tracks: some from the desire back catalogue and some from forthcoming releases.

side A:
Soft Metals - Hot On The Heels Of Love / //TENSE// - 9am / Project:Komakino - Syndrome (Eros Mix) / Ike Yard - Oshima Cassette / The Present Movement - Emily / Loom 11 - Artifacts / Kasms - Ode To Millers

side B:
Televised Crimewave - Hotel America / Ike Yard - Robot Steppes / deathday party - Cold Room (demo version) / //TENSE// - Versus Man (remix) / deathday party - Chaos Reigns (demo version) / Der Ventilator - Waves / Demontré - Brandenburg

If you want to hear more from Desire and want to use the internet to listen then head on over to the Desire page on or their blogspot page.

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