Friday, 4 February 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Lucy 'Wordplay For Working Bees' out 4 March on Stroboscopic Artefacts

What a mouthful; the title of this album and even the label is enough to put anyone off actually typing the whole thing out more than once. Artist Lucy is not a girl either. According to the Discogs blurb Lucy's real name is, and I quote; "Lucy: producer, DJ, founder of Stroboscopic Artefacts. That’s probably how you know him. But there’s also Luca Mortellaro, a published author, experimental sound designer, and the man behind the Lucy moniker. There’s no doubt that the two are linked, but it’s certainly the hidden facets of Luca Mortellaro that are responsible for the dynamic output of Lucy."

Regardless of the who, what, where and why, the long winded and albeit it highly amusing title of this recoding and even the record label name, there lies behind all of this a work of extraordinary quality. I like my electronic music to have a semblance of intelligence and that is one of the main criterion that it appears Lucy started this project with the aim of ultimately achieving.

Track 4 aptly names simply 'gas', small g, really grabbed my attention. It was at this point that I truly started to listen to an album that I had already figured out was to be taken very seriously but that could also be listened to with the smallest amount of concentration, leaving the listener, or at least this particular listener to absorb and digest some of the moody ambience on offer. 

There certainly is no ambivalence on my part however for I truly love this work. It took me a while to truly comprehend what I was listening to and the album must be listened to in it's entirety more than once to really be appreciated but this is a work of dedication, contemporary yet somehow traditional, like a granite sculpture depicting a man reading 'Great Expectations' on a Kindle; this retains a level of musical traditionalism whilst pushing forward the boundaries of what one can expect from electronic music in the new decade, and if all this seems like the purest form of gibberish then you really do need to have a listen and see exactly what it is you can make of it, but I defy you not to love it.


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