Wednesday, 19 January 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Reboot 'Shunyata' out now on Cadenza

The title of this album comes from the Buddhist religion and loosely translates as 'emptiness'. I'm not sure why Reboot chose this title - maybe he was feeling empty at the time? - but the resulting 10 tracker is anything but and left me feeling rather fulfilled after listening to it on a number of occasions.

That said this is in no way a classic and it's got serious issues that need to be addressed such as lack of any real crossover appeal whatsoever and the length of some tracks are way too long - there is not even one track on here that could be considered accessible to all. This is one for the heads and props must be given to Reboot for avoiding the sell-out route. Don't you just love the artwork for example?

The main thing is the music though and there are some incredible stand out tracks on here that make it worth the purchase. The first is the opener 'Urana', a great introduction for what is to come. It's soft gentle tropical swooshyness takes you on the first leg of the trip of an album that really should be listened to from start to finish at least once before dissection can begin.

Two more solid minimal tracks follow before my next fave comes into play. 'Dreilach' is a masterpiece of the genre and opens the way for the next song 'Save Me' a nine minute monster that is as complex as it is sparse, industrial as it is organic and now we see the true meaning of the album title start to come into play. For this is not a sadness this is an emptiness that actually juxtaposes itself by creating a fullness with what it does not say rather than what it does. Less is more in this case for sure.

Next comes the title track. 'Shunyata' is probably my pick of the album. I love the driving bassline and slight Balearic feel to this one. It's certainly got something Latin or Mediterranean about it. It's dark, warm and moist and transported me straight to the open air dancefloor - you can hear people chatting in the background on the breakdowns too which adds to this feeling of being there.

Like I said before, this is one for the heads and lovers of serious electronic music only should apply.



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