Wednesday, 19 January 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Cayetano 'Back Home' out 31 January on Klik Records

If you like your sounds chilled, dubby, warm, Latin but most of all serene and relaxed then Cayetano's third offering is most certainly something that will interest you.

There's nothing especially significant on here to excited about, after all that's the point. It's a real chill out to the max-a-thon here but there are a couple of tracks that really stood out for me. I love the dubby electronic bassline on 'The K blues. It really floated my boat and got my noggin a noddin' frantically. This is an album for lovers of Thievery Corp, Gotan Project, The Hotel Costes series and that kind of trip so there's nothing offensive here just good old fashioned low tempo grooves to south the mind body and soul. Stand out vocal track was the stupendously good 'Day After Day'.



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