Thursday, 20 January 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Art Bleek 'Art Supplies' out now on Loungin' Records

The first track is some guy blabbering on for 57 seconds and it's a massive turn-off. It's done in the style of a phone converstaion and it nearly made me eject the CD without listening to the rest of the album.

Well I decided to persevere. The next track was a massive yawn-a-thon; just terribly bland MOR jazz hip-hop which really, for want of a better word, sucked. So I moved onto to track 3; again more boring beats and tedious talking over the top which just did not go together, so it's the skip button again, again, again and again.

This album turned out to be all filler and no killer and seriously started to anger me towards the end. It's an affront to serious musicians and artists. This is just bland, boring and worst of all bloated. Bleek should have had another serious listen to this before release and either started from scratch or chosen 3 or 4 tracks (that didn't totally blow, 'Twice Upon A Time' for example) and re-worked them and released an EP instead. I'm sorry but this is majorly bleak and what exactly does Art Supply? A big helping of Terrible, that's what.


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