Saturday, 4 September 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A 'Watergate 06 by dOP' out now on Watergate

Firstly let's get the negativity out of the way. This is not the best mix CD I have heard this year. Forgetting that comment I still believe that this is a must hear, if not necessarily a must buy. dOP know their house and techno and unsurprisingly this is their 6th mix CD. So why is it not the best? Well although it's littered with their original tracks and remixes I just think it lacks a certain J'ai ne sais quoi, something that this Parisian band should know all about. 

With a little shrug of my shoulders I can say more than a thousand words. I have been to as many nightclubs and heard as many mixtapes so there really must be something special to cut it above the rest and although this is good, no in fact very good, for me it simply fits into the driving music / getting ready to go out or coming back from the club category. Nothing wrong with that just there was no raising of the little hairs on the neck with this one just a lot of head nodding in appreciation of the track selection and programming which is spot on (take note aspiring DJ's). But don't be too put off. If you do get a copy you will not be disappointed just a little underwhelmed, perhaps.



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