Saturday, 4 September 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Jose James 'Blackmagic' out now on Brownswood

Amp fiddler, Dwele, Only Child, Cody ChessnuTT, saxophonist Jeff Bradshaw, Hidden Beach Records, Jill Scott, Beat Assailant... the list is endless really but if you like any of the aforementioned artists and you haven't already got a copy of this (sorry Jose for the lateness - this came out in February) then it's time you added what is in my book an instant classic. James combines what may be the supreme Jazz Voice the decade with the diverse, layered, rich, textured musical modern jazz, hip hop and broken beat edge that could quite easily have been produced by Jazzanova or indeed released on the Sonar Kollektiv label. It certainly would not seem out of place in their esteemed back catalogue.

The diversity and all round quality of ever single song on the album makes it difficult to pick out a single song. Indeed I would recommend always listening to this from start to finish. The whole thing has been designed to be enjoyed as an album and to listen individually to what is such a rare piece of musical magic almost seems blasphemous (except for all you DJ's out there who are going to cut the shit out of this, and rightly so,  especially the bass heavy 'Made For Love') but however you get a fix of this just make sure you do or you will be sorry.



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