Tuesday, 28 September 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Max Sedgley 'Suddenly Everything' out now on Jalepeno

Max Sedleys greatest moment came in the shape of his debut release back in 2003. 'Happy' was quite simply the track of the year. I remember spinning 'Happy' at every party and club night and hearing everyone else doing the same thing too. The crowd went wild, we toked a few, popped a few, drank a few and waited with baited breath for Sedgelys follow up, hoping for more of the same. It never quite happened though. As a producer he has been far from prolific and never quite managed to hit the same heights. One hit wonder! I hear you cry. Well no not exactly. 'Happy' was a phenom and it is unfair to expect a producer to churn out tune after tune of classics.

This album is a massive statement. Sedgley's talent as a producer was never really in question in my eyes and this is really a showcase of the man's dancefloor diversity. The opener 'Something Special' is a real bomb of a track, full of energy, heavy beats and a tight vocal. His choice of vocalist for 'Hey Mr Superstar' is questionable at best but beautifully redeemed with the slick MCing on 'Sound Boy' that is slickly produced with a tight broken beat and a smattering of grime.

Again the female vocalist lets the song down on the next track 'What I've Got To Do' before the synths and breaks of the following song 'Be good For Me' redeem another dubious performance from the female vocalist. The next offering is 'Watcha Doin'. The less said about the rappers performance on this one the better, but let's just say he won't be giving up his day job in a hurry (if he has one).

A couple more misses follow before we hit 'All Around Me'. This time the vocalist hit's the right note and the funky basslines and retro samples combine well for another backroom gem.

So all in all a good but not spectacular effort from Segdley. It's certainly no classic and there are some forgettable moments so you might want to pick up 'Something Special' and 'All Around Me' as single rather than buy the whole album.



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