Wednesday, 28 July 2010

DOWNLOAD: Delta Maid 'Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down'

The lovely Delta Maid (well rather their lovely PR people) have just given us a track called 'Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down' from her new EP 'Broken Branches' which came out on Monday. Check out the video to Broken Branches below too.


  1. Hiya! I apologise if this is a duplicate comment - my browser froze on me. I was just saying that I love your blog and I especially like the name "Vainzine". Very nice - have added you to my blogroll.

    Do you by any chance have an email address for this PR company? I'd like to contact them.

  2. Hi Cosmiclever, Glad you like it!

  3. Hi Emm, Glad you like the blog. Sorry but I don't remember who sent this through to me - get so much stuff it's hard to keep track!


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