Monday, 19 July 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Mathew Jonson 'Agents Of Time' out now on Wagon Repair

This is Jonson but not as we know him, but still, as we know him. Yes, quite. When you stick this in for the first time and crank it up loud, as you will invariably do if you are a fan (guilty), then you may be a little surprised to hear the chilled out vibes of opener 'Love In The Future'. This is a classy downtempo chill-out, electronica number that secretes the usual globules of golden production goo that only the Jonson meister is capable of.

Normal service is then empahtically resumed with tracks 2 and 3 'Girls Got Rhythm' and 'Thieves in Digital Land'. But there is something not quite of the norm about this album which is, surprisingly, Johnson's debut. What he has cleverly done is come up with a sound that is unmistakably him but slightly twisted. It's like he is making a statement, trying to tell us all that yes I'm here you love my singles but this is a project and it's something different and you can't just pigeon-hole me but here's some of those sick synths and weird electronic noises that you all love and that I'm famous for so don't panic it's still really me after all.



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