Sunday, 2 May 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Alexandre Navarro 'Arcane' out now on SEM Label

Originally posted on 19 April 2008

I Found this guy on MySpace, or rather he found me.

I didn't know an awful lot about Alexandre Navarro so I had a look at his website and found that he has been releasing music since 2004.

So what is Arcane? It instantaneously reminded me of some of the greatest downtempo producers of recent times including Ulrich Schnauss. But without actually sounding like a copy cat artist.

Navarro is undeniably musically gifted and has a concise knowledge of what sounds go together and harmonise effectively and efficiently creating a textured, detailed, diverse yet minimal downtempo, electronic, chill out sound that will appeal to all and sooth the soul. The opener 'Time' is a perfect example of Navarro's ability to mix music with intellectual prowess.


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