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FEATURE: Hot Young Things - Zanita the Model

Originally posted 3 December 2008:

Say hello to Zanita. She is the first in our new series of Hot Young Things designed to showcase up coming and emerging talent across the creative industries. She took some time out from her modelling career to talk talk to Citizen Vain...

How long have you been Modelling?
About 3 years

Have you always wanted to be a Model?
Yeah partly, I always read as many fashion magazines as I could when I was younger and loved the idea of being a model, but growing up in rural Western Australia I just always thought it was a pretty unrealistic ambition. When finished school I moved to Perth to study commerce and found an agency while I was walking in the city and just walked in. I couldn't believe it when they told me they'd be willing to sign me. I felt like I’d won the lottery!

What are the best and worst things about your job?
The best thing is certainly the fashion and working with new people in new places all the time, there’s always something new to do and the travel is amazing. The worst thing about modelling is definitely the unreliability of the work, sometimes you'll have a bumper season and then other times the work can really dry up.

Out of everything you have done Model-wise what's your favourite pose / photo?
I carry around a heavy portfolio every single day with professional pictures of myself and I get so tired of seeing them all over and over again! I guess one of my favourites at the moment is this shot for Instyle Australia (see pic right) because it’s fairly recent. I was freezing cold and had to do my best to look like I was sitting in hot weather.
How would describe your look?
Farmyard chic!

What inspires your look?
I'd say I take my inspiration comes from things all around me, the fashion media, people on the street, designers, musicians. I really just go with whatever catches my eye.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Who knows! With my choice of career path it’s really tough to make plans. I haven’t really thought much about what I’d like to do after modelling because I’m enjoying how things are right now... I'd like to continue working in fashion.

What inspired you to start your blog?
My friend Susie introduced me to fashion blogs about six weeks ago when I previously hadn’t heard anything about them. Reading blogs like fashiontoast, luluandyourmom and karlascloset I became completely addicted. Susie encouraged me and helped me get my blog started up. I love the creative outlet; fashion blogging is a lot of fun. Even if I wasn’t blogging I still have to get dressed up everyday for castings and work. It’s like two birds, one stone.

When I was younger I used to keep a diary. Do you think that blogging is essentially a contemporary form of diary keeping, in that it is essentially something one does for oneself?
You could definitely compare some blogging to keeping a diary - I feel my blog is more of a catalogue of my own style, taking inspirations from current trends and translating them into everyday life. Most blogging is far more diverse than keeping a diary because of the wide audiences they reach and the variation of the themes, a lot of successful blogs are just catering to what their readers would want.
Apart from your own blog what websites and blogs could you not live without?
Vainzine of course! I also love myspace for finding new music and is my go to for the show seasons. At the moment I love, and for scouting original styling and I mustn't forget Igor and Andre, a brilliant blog by an artist friend that continues to inspire me daily.
You are too kind! Going back to Fashion, apart from Zanita, who / what should we be looking out for in 2009?
At the moment I’m into sheer fabrics and nude coloured garments, soft tailoring is a trend this season that looks great on everyone. I also can’t wait to see how amazing collections of Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, YSL and Givenchy translate onto the street.

A big thanks to Zanita for the interview and her insights into the world of fashion and medelling. You can catch her blog by clicking on the images in this feature or click here. If you want to be featured in the next Hot Young Things just get in touch with us.

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