Tuesday, 27 April 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A 'Andrew Weatherall Vs. The Boardroom' out 10 November on Rotters Golf Club

Originally posted 29 October 2008:The man behind the tumultuous 'Feathers among other great things goes head to head with the Boardroom on this compilation release.

The Boardroom is a group of musicians and producers working around the engineering nucleus of Steve Boardman. The Boardroom studio is also part of the Rotters Golf Club Studio hence the colab.

The Boardroom members are DJ and remixer Radical Majik, DJ James Moss AKA E.S.C, Dave Congreve AKA Conman and Sidney Le Sarge AKA Le Sarge On Board.

Whilst certainly being cutting edge and inventive there is a lack of excitement that I think will disappoint some fans of the producers involved and label. This is somewhat offset by some quite remarkable remixes. Two examples are the Weatherall remix of E.S.C's 'The Legacy'. It has a great sombre macabre quality to it that reminded me a little bit of Steve Strange 'Fade To Grey'. Do not ask me to elaborate on that!

The other really stand out mix was the Dave Congreve's remix of Two Lone Swordsmen's 'Patient Saints'.

There is definitely something about this that I can't quite put my finger on. It's sort of a quasi experimental dance album. For real aficionados and DJ's of the trend setting rather than following variety then this is a risk that is most definitely worth taking. Go get it!


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Victor Maitland

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