Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: Jazzanova 'Remixes' out 30 Jan on Sonar Kollektiv

There is a time and a place for remixes. This isn't one of them. 'Remixes' sounded half like a GCSE music technology coursework and half like the backing music from the pause menu on a generic racing game.

For tracks that are supposed, and indeed are individual interpretations they all sound creepily similar. Nu-Jazz is precarious at the best of times but these have been remixed to the point where it offers nothing new, which is the very point of doing a remix in the first place; to create something that sounds new. Getting down to it, the Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix was the only one that was passably listenable, while the remaining 9 tracks descended into clunky mismatched blippy synth horrors. It's an album which very nearly makes me sound damnation on Kraftwerk for playing about with their keyboards. Very. Nearly.


Eriin Dhesi

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