Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Justice 'Audio, Video, Disco' out now on Ed Banger / Because

The old days. No internet meant that exposure to music was based on being able to afford it, then sharing illegal taped copies with your pals, followed by CD's then minidisc. Result = choice of music was more stringent. You thought more about your purchases and more often than not they belonged to a certain genre.

The Albums would be played over and over again. Now. Internet saturation means that not only do you not have to pay for albums any more but you can legally listen to them as artists are regularly offering them up as free streams or on spotify, official.fm etc. So the chances of even finishing listening to said album before the compulsion gets too great to find something better elsewhere on the WWW? Low. I'm talking about myself btw.

So the new Justice album comes along and it feels like I'm 16 again standing in front if my vestax's and cdj 500 not even mixing but literally weeping whilst I head nod along and put the needle back to the start of the album. Daft Punk, Alan Braxe most of the stuff on Roule and Crydamoure used to sometimes have this effect but now it takes something a little bit more cultured. This album is refined; like the 70% Lindt Cocoa Bar it's just better. But it's not pretentious and is accessible to all. Hell 'AVD' is better as it costs the same as a piece of manufactured processed Cadbury like Guetta garbage.

And here's the crux; the first Justice album '†' was great but 2nd album syndrome has not affected Justice. They have simply elevated themselves even higher musically speaking. If they carry on like this they are going to be around for decades to come. Yes there are those who say that AVD is simply copying Prog Rock. For me it's about how music makes me feel. This stuff actually made me cry tears of joy and it is still releasing endorphins in large quantities every time I listen to it, which at the moment is 3 times a day since it was released last week. If I don't hear 'Civilisation' at lest that many times I get withdrawal symptoms and have to do sit ups which is convenient as this is great workout music too. Oh and it makes a great accompaniment to anyone wanting to make bolognese sauce from start to finish too.

Seriously though after hearing this on the preview below I actually went and bought it on Vinyl - it came with the CD too - nice little package from HMV for £15 right now - and it's the first thing I've got on that medium for a long, long time. This is a serious album of the year contender and I can't wait for 2012 to see their new live show.




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