Sunday, 2 October 2011


For his mix, Derrick has taken more of a soul and disco approach, creating a eulogy for the lunchtime mixes that he used to avidly tune-in to on Chicago local radio. But this is a story best told by Derrick himself:

'Back in the '80s, WBMX radio here in Chicago used to play a LOT of mixes: there'd be the regular "Friday Night Live - Ain't No Jive Chicago Dance Party"; the standard Saturday night mixes from 10:00 - 4:00; the after work or rush hour mix; and my fav, "The Hot Lunch Mix".

Coming in at noon every weekday, it was a nice little bit of heat to break up the monotony at Walther Lutheran High School. I used to have a lunch period followed by study hall right around that time of the day, so I'd sneak and listen to it while either eating or pretending to do homework. The mixes were always friendly (since it WAS broadcast radio, there was no swearing). And they were usually more on the song and groovy tip than some of the more jacking stuff played at night or on the weekends.

Using that as my main focus, I decided to go on a disco & classics trip, which I think will work lovely if you want to listen to it while eating lunch at your desk, walking to get some grub, or just sitting on a bench and watching the rest of the world do its thing.

I hope y'all enjoy it.'

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