Friday, 2 September 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: The Beekeepers 'Apiculture' out now on Jalapeno

Those of you who were at Glastonbury last year may have been lucky enough to catch the Beekepers debut their 4 deck DJ set. I for one can't wait to catch them live after hearing their stunning debut album.

The Bristol production duo have hit the breaks / chill wave / dubstep nail on the head with an accomplished sound collection that features sublime classical strings and vocals (So Long) juxtaposed with meatier breaks and beats - the Title track 'Apiculture' hiding right at the end of the album is a good example of this.

There are plenty of artists similar in style to The Beekeepers for example Digitonal spring instantaneously to mind but with Apiculture their original style and diverse tastes in all good musical things shines through - check out the build up, and breakdowns in 'Spring Forward' - to leave you awe inspired and, personally somewhat jealous of both their tastes and production talents. To nitpick, personal taste had me skipping through the tracks with the rapping (Queen Bee, Long Way Down) on as I thought the bloke doing the rapping (Mystro) was far from the best in the UK and they could have done better, mentioning no names.

If you like Unkle, DJ Yoda, Digitonal, Chali 2Na, Smith and Mighty, Massive Attack and Jon Hopkins then seriously get this and if you don't like it I'll give you your money back (that's a joke people), but seriously though, what you waiting for? Procure this now!



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