Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A Berghain 05 'Marcel Fengler' out 29 August 2011 on Ostgutton

Well programmed, good track selection and superbly mixed, this instalment is another notch on the bedpost for the Berghain series. The mix builds well and comes to a stunning peak-time, piano led climax mid-way through with Claude Young and Nakajima's 'Think Twice'. There's also some sick joints by Seiji, Gerd and 20:20 vision amongst the 19 choice cuts.

I would air on the side of caution if you are new to the series. Maybe start with one of the earlier mixes before getting into this one. I felt it was a little bit on the advanced side with a plethora of previously unreleased upfront cuts that might not be to everyone's taste, especially those with an undeveloped palette.


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