Tuesday, 2 August 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Scumbag Philosopher 'It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing' out now on Words On Music

I'm not sure if it's the way it's been mixed with the levels of the vocal being too loud or if it's just that I'm not too enamoured with the lead singers vocal abilities or lack thereof but something was really grating with me. It wasn't sitting right after the first two songs 'Tickbox Excercise' and 'I Like Sums' because SP's musical sound is actually tres chic.
I think vocalist Grant Madden was going for something along the lines of the kind of stuff Blaine L. Reininger from Tuxedomoon used to belt out like the legendary 'Desire'. I hope that was not what he was going for because it was a miserable attempt if it was. Whatever he is trying to achieve vocally misses the mark and just sounds flat and dare I say rather pretentious. The songs didn't get any better with 'Your Heroes At Home.'

It's a shame because the music is really good. Bassist Adam Green clearly had bucket-loads of talent and the backing vocals of Anne Reekie were tight too. I'd actually like to hear the band give her a shot at lead vocals. That and some tighter lyrics and SP have got a bright future ahead of them, they just need to sort out those lead vocals.



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