Monday, 25 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Tomás Acaymo 'Romeria Mix' FREE DOWNLOAD

We're not quite sure where this up and coming new talent has sprung from as his Soundcloud page is a little bit on the sparse side but if his first uploaded mix is anything to go by we'll soon know more.. Check out his Soundclod page for contact info bookings etc.

Track list:

1. Virgo Four “It’s A Crime” (Caribou Remix) [Rush Hour]
2. Ernesto Ferreyra “Los Domingos Vuelo A Casa” (Luciano Remix) [Cadenza]
3. Jason Fine “Many To Many” (Ben Klock Remix) [Kontra Musik]
4. Delano Smith “Change Is Coming” [Sushitech]
5. Space Dimension Controller “Cosmo30 Travel Duration” [Clone/Royal Oak]
6. Norm Talley “Cosmic Waves” (XDB Remix) [Pariter]
7. Ican “Cambio” [Planet E]
8. Mike Grant “My Soul, My Spirit” (Mr. G’s Freedom Reprise) [Moods n Grooves]
9. Dionne “Siege Twelve” (Christopher Rau Remix) [Terpsiton]
10. Ron Trent “Seduction” [Slow To Speak]
11. Reggie Dokes “Once Again” (Morning Factory Remix) [Clone/Royal Oak]
12. Bob Holroyd “African Drug” (Four Tet Remix) [Phonica]
13. Matthew Dear “Little People (Black City)” (Sascha Dive’s Vinyl Cut) [Deep Vibes]
14. Woolph “Jangmeen” [Classic]
15. Elegia “Basic” (Laurent ‘Laboratoire’ Garnier Mix) [F-Comm]
16. Carl Craig “A Wonderful Life” (Epic Mix) [Planet E]

Romeria Mix by Tomás Acaymo

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