Sunday, 29 May 2011

DOWNLOAD: oki-ni presents CREPUSCULE by Pink Skull

Based around the nuclear family of veteran producers Julian Grefe and Justin Geller, Pink Skull are now something of a musical commune bound together by a love of early disco and primitive electro. This mix, CREPUSCULE, welcomes new members, Adam Sparkles and Robin Van Der Kaa, into the group and blends atypical yet catchy electronica with some new Pink Skull material.


* Gino Soccio So Lonely
* Ibliss High Life
* Reflections Water
* Steve Halpern Rainbow Raga
* Tony Allen Jealousy
* Pink Skull Ayatollah
* Scrappy Freeze
* Pink Skull Red Drain
* Toby Tobias Steel Bells (Zechfunk Remix)
* Subway Jupite
* Eruca
* Harmonia Hausemusic
* A Certain Ratio Crystal
* Japanese Syncro System Check It, Spread It
* United States of America Hard Coming Love
* Elisabeth Waldo Ritutal Of Human Sacrifice

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