Thursday, 26 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Deniz Kurtel 'Music Watching Over Me' out now on Crosstown Rebels

An enchanting opening to this debut artist album in the form of the wonderfully deep 'Music Watching Over Me' mightily impressed me. A deep house bassline with some simple but effective old school keys really set the tone of the album, or so I thought. Eclectic electronica appears to be more the vibe here as the second track Makyaj went down a more industrial electronic route. Good for a soundtrack or an accompaniment to a visual project this most certainly is. Apparently Kurtel identifies herself foremost as an audio visual artist. It would have been nice if there was perhaps some visual to accompany this. Maybe this should have been released in DVD format with visuals?

'My Ass' is another example of this tendency towards the obscure. I like this but I'm not sure if it going to sell well. Then again does anything underground actually sell well? This certainly is not a cross over type of project thankfully. Art for the sake of art is rare but we have a prime example here.

'Best Of' provides some dancefloor friendly sounds with yet more old school vibes imprinted all over it. 'L Word' comes up trumps with a similar format. This could be my stand out tune. That or new-wave sounding 'Vagabond'.

I'm not sure if this release should be listened to in the home environment. I am pretty sure it is not intended for that purpose. I would heartily recommend this to any DJ's / Gallery owners / filmmakerr but for home listening It was not really working for me.


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