Thursday, 26 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: 2562 'Fever' out now on When In Doubt

This how about this for a great concept album? 2562 pushes the envelope to Jiffy sized proportions with his re-interpretation of underground Disco yes DISCO from the mid seventies to the early 80's with his own birth year 1979 as the gravitational point. The whole thing is based on one simple rule: every single sound no matter how large small or seemingly insignificant or equally as mind-blowingly amazing originates from a disco record. No additional synthesisers, drum computers or other samples sources are involved, at all.

So the concept is superb. This is a concept album so by default the album is also already superb. But what does it actually sound like. Well, nothing like disco obviously. That would defeat the object, unless said object was to de-construct old disco records and then replicate the disco vibe from them like molecular chefs do. It would be a huge waste of time though and not really very original ether so what 2563 has done is make some truly amazing original tracks that rock the shit out of the sound-system and some of which are even totally dancefloor friendly. My favourite of which has to be 'Aquatic Family Affair'.


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