Sunday, 10 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: oki-ni presents IMPLUSIEF by Martyn

Embracing spontaneity, Dutch dubstep ace Martyn woke up one bright spring morning and decided to put together a mix of all the songs that were floating around in his head. Aptly titled IMPULSIEF - the Dutch word for impulsive - the mix blends Miles Davis and The Pet Shop Boys with contemporary greats, such as Caribou.


* Miles Davis Tutu
* The Family High Fashion
* Tom Tom Club Shock the World
* Toro Y Moi Causers of This
* Pet Shop Boys West End Girls
* Games Strawberry Skies
* Carl Craig Goodbye World
* Das Ding H.S.T.A.
* Paris Grey Don't Make me Jack
* Son of Sam Nature makes a Mistake
* Austin Peralta Renaissance Bubbles
* Caribou Kaili
* Visage The Damned don't Cry
* Oppenheimer Analysis The Devils Dancer
* Daphni Ye Ye
* L.A. Synthesis Agraphobia
* Nosaj Thing IOIO
* Sheila E Dear Michaelangelo

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