Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EP REVIEW: Black Market Serotonin 'Deadbyfiveoclock' Out 11 April on Superstar Destroyer

First off I'll begin by congratulating the band on their extremely well chosen name. My hat is well and truly taken off for you. Secondly, I would also like to extend my congrats on what is a far from bad EP. What can be described best as Muse with Slash-esque 80's guitar riffs all over it, this EP is a delightful fusion of old school and modern rock. Each track carries a confident air of individualism with subtle similarities to bands such as Radiohead, Pixies, Muse (as mentioned) and maybe just a snifter of Kasabian. 

You might disagree upon listening but this is the kind of musical fusion that allows you to implant you own influences in the rock spectre onto your ear and draw you own conclusions. 'Deadbyfiveoclock' is a mini triumph and with 5 tracks spanning half an hour a generous and ambitious offering of top quality rock!


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