Monday, 21 March 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Daniel Steinberg 'Shut Up' out now on Front Room Recordings

If you like the Back 2 Basics 20:20 Vision / Classic sound and some driving DJ Sneak West Coast beats then you are gonna love Daniel Steinberg's latest album because it is full of said driving beats and cut up vocal samples aplenty.

This is jacking house at it's most fearsome. The hypnotic groove on 'Gimme' is perfect to rock any dancefloor anywhere in the world, at peaktime warm up or late night. It is simply sublime. It's my favourite track but by no means the only one worth checking out on this 8 track album. At the risk of repeating myself if you like really grinding, foot-stomping almost zombie-like repetitive grooves, beats and sample then  this will be a wet dream for you. 'Pathways' is another masterclass in how to produce this particular brand of driving house that builds up to a filtered crescendo before simply breaking down to nothing leaving it up to the DJ to work his magic with the next track introduction. Steinberg knows his house and he thinks like a pro too making the DJ's job easier and more enjoyable to boot with this collection. Looking forward to the next instalment already.



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