Sunday, 6 March 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Chaim 'Alive' out now on BPitch Control

Chaim hails from Tel Aviv and his music has been tearing up house dancefloors for a while now and rightly so. The man has got the field of contemporary soulful acid house down to a tee without the cheese and with plenty of respect for the past without sounding like an overcooked homage to the 80's and 90's sound. Chaim has carved a new style of house out of nothing and his beats and synth riffs are seriously infectious. Add to that a smattering of swoosh and some well timed breakdowns at all the right junctures and you have got yourself an winning formula demonstrated to full effect on the track 'Wish'.

The album starts off strongly with the first 4 tracks holding my interest and keeping the tempo up beat and housey before he drops a change of pace in the album version of 'Love Rehab'. Not my favourite track but still strong with a slower tempo and dub feel to the bassline. Chaim demonstrates his house range with some tougher tracks to follow - that were not the best on the album - before hitting some high notes again with a synthy piano house instrumental aptly called 'Naturalness'. This leads to the Tron inspired synths of 'Popsky' before a strong deep house finish with 'People Can Talk'. There is definitely room for improvement but Chaims debut album is very strong and bodes well for him the future of house.



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