Saturday, 29 January 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Commix 'Re:Call To Mind' out now on Metalheadz

Releasing a remix project comp is fraught with dangers. The number one cock up tends to be that they are generally of a lower standard than the original, just a money making venture and not really worth the silicone they are imprinted onto.

Bonus!, then because this one actually is better than rather good, it's quite simply excellent. The decision to select the Instra:Mental remix of 'Japanese Electronics' was pure genius by whoever programmed this. The next truly stand out remix is track 4 'Belleview' remixed to maximum effect by dBridge - massive props for this one it's superb. There's loads of mentalness in here with a smattering of sick bleepiness that kept me interested all the way through. In one word; JUICY!

The last track that really got me salivating was the incredibly tough remix of 'Satellite Song' by Underground Resistance. Had a great Germanic tech-electro sound going on that just seemed like the perfect end to what is a rock solid release.


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