Wednesday, 15 December 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Masomenos 'Balloons' out now on WTM

The French duo of Joan Costes and Adrien De Maublanc come up trumps with a stunning new album that kicks off with the chilled out minimal undertones of the 11 minute Sansula /El Toucan and does not look back.

Masomenos describe the making of the album as a "Succession of Happy accidents over a period of time that at one point becomes a story" and I for one cannot argue with them on that one. This 'story' however does not appear to be created, as Masomenos put it modestly, 'by accident'. The intricate level of detail and soundscapes and layer upon layer of enveloping gooey goodness that come out of the first track alone simply cannot have happened by chance and if it did well WOW!

The diverse use of instruments and vocal effects throughout is a welcome touch and it's not hard to see why the duo have released over 25 Ep's and 3 albums. This is another notch on the post and it's a spectacular success making it a must have of 2010!


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