Wednesday, 15 December 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Danuel Tate 'Mexican Hotbox' out now on Wagon Repair

This is a very well crafted dance album by producer who knows his musical history, likes a bit of fusion and is not afraid to take some risks. He is rewarded spectacularly for his risk taking throughout the album with some superb tracks like the title track Mexican Hotbox' that reminded me a little of Markus Nikolai's stormer 'Bushes' from a few years back now. Click Here if you haven't heard Bushes before because it is a classic track!

This is an innovative forward thinking project and for me some of the tracks did not come off but I loved 'OK Then' which had elements of reference to Herbie Hancock in there sliced up with a stunningly quick tempo. This tempo is used again to stunning effect on the drum and bass-like 'I'll Be Your Whatever' which I  am also a big fan of.

Then there is the devastating synth bassline combination on 'California Can Can'. That is worth the album fee alone. Tate is a producer and musician of immense talent and if you are serious about dance music then you simply cannot overlook this one.


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