Friday, 19 November 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A Oscar G Live from NYC' out 29 November on Nervous

Firstly it's refreshing to actually be able to hear some crowd noise on this live mix. A lot of mixes that claim to be live (and may well be) are just taken from a live feed from the mixer for example and although technically 'live' do not give a representaion of what the crowd was feeling on the dance floor at the time.

It's fairly obvious that the crowd were really loving Oscar G's set recorded at Pacha NYC during the Summer of 2010, there are nice little touches like when there is a breakdown and you can hear the crowd cheering along and blowing their whistles and for a clubber it's easy to picture the scene at the club mentally. I mean it's really going off in there, by the sound of it.

So it's a but of a shame that I could not quite share in the crowds evident enjoyment so vehemently. There is no denying it's well mixed but the track selection is a little off putting. Yes there's a lot of big basslines and swooshy noises but it's all just lacking a little bit of soul. I hate to think that when I go to a club I need to have been taking copious amounts of drugs but I just can't see how else you are supposed to enjoy this stuff without it.

This is very much big room house with all the smoke machines and big ego's, vocal divas and tribal mayhem that ensues in these types of clubs and it's just not for me, at least it's not for me in my living room, just too many sirens and I really hate that 'jungle' feeling I got when I was listening to it. I'm not a monkey, or a zombie and I don't want to be put into a voodoo trance so sorry Oscar, I'm out.


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