Wednesday, 27 October 2010

VIDEO: Time Traveller spotted in Charlie Chaplin Film?

Film-maker George Clarke posted the video below last week. In the video he shows a person wearing women's clothing although the sex of the person is undetermined) walking along the street in the background apparently talking into a mobile phone. Have a look at the video before reading the rest of the article below the video.

So George also posted the video on his blog and there have been quite a few people leave comments. What do you think? Do you think it could really be a time traveller and if so what were they doing there and who were they talking to?

After reading some of the comments on George's blog I came across a link someone posted to listening devices around at the time. If you check the article HERE you can see that there is one (pictured above) that looks like a camera and appears to be approximately the same size at the device being held by the person in the film.

It really is hard to see in the footage and of course the odds are it's not a time traveller but we can dream!

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  1. could also possibly be this (thanks Sarah):


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