Wednesday, 13 October 2010

SINGLE REVIEW: The Horn The Hunt 'Rapture' out 1 November on White Label Music

I have to say I was very taken with this latest offering from Leeds based duo The Horn The Hunt (awesome name too!!). Hailing from my old university stomping ground which is a hotbed of musical talent they have produced a sublime piece of electro indie. Soothing yet haunting vocals imposed upon a driving full blooded riff makes for an alluring concoction of Portsihead-esque musical sublimity that had me rocking on the spot.

With two Dean Honer (I Monster) remixes, one giving the track a tribal feel whilst the other giving a more laid back broken beat vibe and also B side 'Henry's Out' an insane Aphex Twin style arrangement this is most certainly worth a look and provides a nice warm up to the release of the band’s second album 'Depressur Jolie', due to be released in spring 2011.



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