Friday, 22 October 2010

GIG REVIEW: Clash presents Ja Ja Ja @ Lexington, London, with The Low Frequency in Stereo + The Deer Tracks + Rökkurró, 21 October

Ja Ja Ja's intention is to showcase the finest music from the Nordic region. previously they held a metal night and whilst I would have been exited about this in my teens metal scares me in my adulthood (something to do with the cutting of your luxurious hair perchance? - Ed) However and I quote “As is Ja Ja Ja’s way, we like to mix it up and give you something very different each month. Therefore the curator for October’s Ja Ja Ja evening is Matt Bennett, Deputy Editor of Clash magazine, who’s chosen three exceptional bands to bring you an evening of atmospheric sounds capes, electronica, rock and psych-garage drone.” Now this is definitely more up my street.

The night opened with Icelandic band Rökkurró (pictured, badly) with their heady soothing and mesmerising blend of melodic folktronica that had the crowd enraptured. I’ve rarely seen a band so happy to be performing and they were also to be spotted cavorting with the crowd in the smoking area post gig (not a bad way to build a fan base). They really prove there is a lot more coming out of Iceland than volcanic ash, Bjork and collapsing banking structures.

Second up were the Swedish high energy New Romantic/Nu Rave band The Deer Tracks. They had some truly belting tunes combining lo fi breaks with pumping full on rocking dancey beats, truly awesome and one of the lead singers was at one point playing a saw?!?!? It really doesn’t get more randomly brilliant than that. Their debut album Aurora was critically acclaimed and based upon this live performance it’s not difficult to see why.

Rounding things up were The Low Frequency in Stereo from Norway whose B-52’s/Sonic Youth inspired form of low fi prog rock has helped achieve the first No1 instrumental only single in Norway. In your face Crazy Frog…. These guys are seriously talented and truly understand the meaning of rocking out. The guitarist knows how to work those strings and the bassist made it look like he was actually the lead guitarist with his playing style!

Ja Ja Ja was a terrific evening of music showcasing some of the Nordic regions fantastic and diverse musical talents. All three bands were phenomenal and I look forward to seeing what Ja Ja Ja has of offer in the coming months.


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