Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ART: McDonalds Anti-Decompose 'The Happy Meal Project' by Sally Davies

New York artist Sally Davies 'The Happy Meal Project' may well be one of the scariest works of art of the decade. Although McDonald's spokeswoman Danya Proud said; "This is nothing more than an outlandish claim and is completely false", the fact remains that Davies claims that she bought the Happy Meal (Pictured above after 171 days) on April 10 2010 and after photographing every day since for the past 6 months it has clearly shown little sign of decomposition and no signs of mould, not even on the bread bun. 

Given that I left some potatoes and carrots on my kitchen table, went on holiday for two weeks and came back to a pile of penicillin encrusted goop this summer, should we be scared? It was the US McDonalds so if you are in the UK or Europe who knows? An interested work of art though - maybe McDonalds should look into selling their 'preservatives' to the art world.

Read the full story Here.


  1. Talking about photos of a same subject over time, some photographer had the idea to take opictures of his family over the years, check out the result:


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