Wednesday, 27 October 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A 'Lee Jones: Watergate 07' out now on Watergate

Tearing it up with a thouroughly modern underground vibe. No need for tricks and trends here. This is pure house and it feels good people. Starts off slow, percussive and bassy with hints of what's to come, then bang! In comes Mathias Meyers & Lee Jones 'Basic Chord Tool' and it's then that you know you wish you were where your really ought to be listening to this - in the club, down at the front coming up; luxuriating in wave after wave of lusciuous blues and yellows and red synths flowing into oneness with the music, the vibe, the people, the drug, the soul, the smoke machine, the girl (or boy) beside you.

If a mix compilation can tear my imagination up this much - in my living room tap tap tapping away on the keys wishing it was a synth whilst listening to the beat kick back in after an elongated and heavily ecstasy charged breakdown, wishing I could time travel to get back to or forward to the next dancefloor - then you know it's good. Lee Jones takes it up, he takes it down, he takes you all around and I want to go listen to him play a live set right now but I can't so I'll happily take this mix any day of the week. Essential.



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