Monday, 18 October 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Not Squares' Yeah OK!' Out 6 December 2010 on Richter Collective

A short while back you may recall me singing the praises of Not Squares with their 'Release the Bees' single. If not then refresh your memory here. I am delighted, nay honoured to present you with my humble review of their new album 'Yeah OK!' This is utopia in music form. Crazy, banging, electronic, beats and insane sounds makes for an incredibly pleasant assault on the senses, so good you can taste it!

Each of the 10 tracks on the CD is and absolute barnstorming romping success.  The boys from Belfast have delivered big time. They can be likened to such awesome artists as Simian Mobile Disco, Daft Punk and Luke Vibert. Imagine they were all put in a food processer and blended together seamlessly. Not Squares would be the resulting smoothy; thick, juicy and delicious! Not Squares have plugged a hole in the mass market of dance (by showing one and all originality still exists within the genre) and one they will not be slipping back into easily if this album is anything to go by. I love this album! (As if you hadn't already guessed!). I urge you to get it quick-smart or risk being labelled a fool among your fellows!



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