Monday, 13 September 2010

GIG REVIEW: Civil Civic @ Cargo, London 9 September 2010

Civil Civic for me are to 90s Indie Rock and Grunge (as what the Battles are to all things psychedelic), driving instrumentals with edgy guitar and bass rifts whilst retro machinery keeps the beat ticking over make for a loud but not unpleasant instrumental cacophony as imposing as if the walls of Jericho were made from pure sound.

It’s a brave attempt to do away with vocals and allow for pure musicianship to take over and carry them forward and to be fair it does work. However personally I would recommend to truly understand the talent on display here one needs to experience them live as you will never grasp how the simplistic layers that go into producing such an interesting and engaging medium of music as that of Civil Civic’s is formed through listening to an album.




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