Friday, 6 August 2010

SINGLE REVIEW: Not Squares 'Release the Bees' out 23 August on Pogo

For me this is what has been severely lacking on the dance scene in recent times. Down beat Eletro beginnings followed by a pumping beat, ludicrously composed vocals/scrams and epic break downs are exactly what Release the Bees by Not Squares proffers up and I couldn’t have been more delighted. This is a pleasant assault on the hearing as you could possibly hope for from such a borderline insane arrangement and also included is a Radio Edit (for those whose attention span can’t last the whole 7mins and 30secs of out there wackiness) and the delightfully titled Bi Ki Na (Me Me Wee Wee Wee Mix) go to show that originality still exists in what many perceive to be a washed out genre. Doubt at your peril.


Not Squares have kindly given us a remix of the track to us for you as a Free Download below.

DOWNLOAD: Not Squares 'Release The Bees (Fur Remix)

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