Monday, 9 August 2010

New Peugeot competiton continues!

Have you been keeping an eye on the competition over at I wrote a post about the competition launch a while back. Click Here to read it in case you missed an catch up on what I'm talking about. For those of you who have been following the competition and maybe even have taken part a quick heads up. The next stage of the competition 'Movement' is closing today so if you want to enter then head on over to now and get your entry in!

The last theme competition was 'Emotion'. I am lucky enough to have been selected as one of the judges in the competition. So far there have been a lot of amazing entries (as well as some not so great ones) in all themes. Emotion was particularly hard to judge because the quality of the short-listed entries was so high. I hope that the next theme 'Movement' will be just as inspiring and that your ideas for the car of tomorrow (like the Peugeot Ion electric car pictured above) will be just as imaginative, perhaps even more so than the last. Thankfully as a judge I don't have to go through every entry. Someone else is responsible for selecting the short-list of entries that we judge on so you have to go through a selection process before you get to me. But you can still see all the entries on the the website. It would be unfair for me to comment on my favourite entries as the competition is still going on so I won't but feel free to let me know who you think is your favourite in the next theme 'Movement' which I am looking forward to judging on in a few days time.

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