Monday, 30 August 2010

GIG REVIEW: The Slips @ Cafe 1001, London 24/08/2010

After accepting an invite to watch The Slips at Café 1001 I must admit Google was my fist point of call for information of this previously unheard of (for me) band. A lot of write ups focused around similarities between French legends Daft Punk and Justice. So has England finally produced an act to hold their own against the formidable Gallic talents of the aforementioned artists? The answer is quite possibly yes. The similarities are correct and the heavy influences are apparent instantly albeit with a strong allusion towards 808 State too in my opinion. 

High energy pounding beats, filthy bass lines, repetitive vocal action and retro 80s inspired visuals proved a crowd pleasing concoction with many shaking their booties way down to the ground which was incredibly impressive for a Tuesday night! All in all a solid set albeit slightly short for my liking as it felt they were only just warming when the curtains closed. There is bags and bags of potential (just a little fine tuning required) in this band and I for one will be watching them closely as I tip them for big things in the not so distant future


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