Saturday, 14 August 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A Disco Circus 2 by Mighty Mouse out 6 September on History

Yes it's another mix compilation, yes it's by production duo du jour Mighty Mouse and yes it's got a fuck load of awesome tracks smashed together on a two disc package. So whats new? Well nothing really except the music and that's what counts boys and girls. OK so it's not all new. There are some blasts from the past on here but they are all relevant and as you'd expect there are enough Mighty Mouse Remixes featured to almost make this a remix package. Nothing wrong with that though. They are hot right now. The music is hot and really picks up the pace on disc 2 when you can feel the disco oozing out the pores of the speakers in big bassy clusters of deliciousness.

The main thing about this kind of release is that it should make you feel happy, want to go out and get your groove on in the club or at worst dance around your bedroom or pogo on your sofa. Does it do that? Why yes it does pilgrims, in abundance. Do if disco, or in fact any type of club music that isn't hardcore is your thing then this one is for your and all the other lovers out there.



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