Tuesday, 31 August 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Arto Mwambe 'Live At Robert Johnson Vol 6' out now on LARJ

"Let me take you on a trip, just a simple journey a journey full filled with sounds and beats. One that will lead you down, way down to the underground." Celeda's immortal words on the Y2K house smash hit 'The Underground' sprung to mind as soon as this got going.

Arto Mwambe takes you on a trip, through house history and his own production too. But no, this is not a retrospective but a brand new work that has the special house sound; the classic house sound that never dies. The sound that fuses Chicago, New York, Acid, Gospel, Piano, Techno and Deep Disco together as one organic, orgasmic electronic being enveloping mind body and soul. Do you know house? Do you remember Dancetracks? Do you love Kerri Chandler, Joey Negro, Underground Resistance, Ame, Daniel Wang, DJ Deep, Dimitri From Paris, Daniel Wang, Metro Area Morgan Geist, Danny Tenaglia and David Morales?

I'm guessing Arto Mwambe does. If you could distil the essence of house in one person, on one CD comprised of one man's productions sans remixes then this would be the resulting perfume, and it is sweet my friends. The highlight part is the climactic 'One Lonely Knight' fused brilliantly into 'Love Lift'. Drink it deep and never stop. 




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