Tuesday, 6 July 2010

VERY GOOD TRIP: The journey continues, vote now!

We have got an update for you from the VERY GOOD TRIP adventure!
After two weeks of road tripping, the English and the French teams have left. They were replaced by two new teams.Neil & Karen are from the UK and the horribly named 'Bros Brothers 'from France! These teams really need to make up for lost time so keep an eye on them!

From Frankfurt to Bruges and from Troyes to Portofino, the candidates have already travelled across more than 15 European cities and have faced some rather amusing and surprising challenges. Check them out and keep up to date with the teams on their daily team updates on YouTube.

Keep up with their adventures every day!
The teams are giving their best to share their adventure with you! It would be a pity to miss their travel journals in Europe! So don’t hesitate and log on the website to follow your favourite team as well as the other candidates. Keep up with the latest news, by watching the “DAILY TEAM UPDATES” and by following them on Twitter and FlickR! You can also join the Facebook Fan Page too!

Don't forget that you can VOTE for your favourite team to win the competition. But be quick as time is running out very quickly. You only have until July 9th 6PM to vote for your favourite team. Your vote is important and will help to decide the eventual winning team so choose carefully!

On July 12th the “handing over of the keys” episode will be online. In this episode you will be able to see who won the competition and gets to keep the two cars. That's only six days away!

Check out the Week 3 Best Of teaser video below:

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