Thursday, 24 June 2010

SINGLE REVIEW: Chief 'Breaking Walls' out 21st June on Domino

Chief recently signed to Domino and this is their first single release. Whilst not exactly smacking of originality in any sense (how difficult is this today?) the song oozes class and is composed with the loving care and attention that most of this esteemed labels artists seem to put into their work. 

At first it seems that the track is on a downer due to it's slow tempo and melancholic vibe but if you listen to the lyrics sung perfectly by lead singer Evan Koga you find there's a positive message underneath all the bustle. Chief are one to watch this year and if you are heading to the festivals this Summer you can check them out in the UK at Hard Rock calling with Pearl Jam 25June in Hyde Park, London or Glastonbury on the 27th.



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