Friday, 4 June 2010

LIVE REVIEW: Subject 60 Launch Party @ Sorting Office, London 2 June 2010

Beautiful space filled with beautiful people being plied with beautiful booze and beautiful food, for what reason might you ask?

Subject60 is the name of Volvo’s lifestyle campaign for the all-new S60 with the mission of repositioning Volvo, a car brand usually known for safety. The campaign emphasizes on social media and blogger involvement and culminates in events in 5 major European cities.

Whereas I think some of the above may have passed me by at the event and have to say it was a lot of fun nonetheless with live DJs and d├ęcor that I can only describe as a laboratory within the warm leather interior of the aforementioned vehicle making for an evening of raucous decadence(my personal highlight being the S60 converted into a Karaoke booth as pictured), whether this fits in with the image of the car the Volvo describe as “Naughty” I’m not sure but it seemed it they have struck to right chord with the attendees at their launch. However I don’t think there were too many car salesmen in attendance!! I reckon if you’ve go a spare £20Gs in your sky rocket you should perhaps go seek one out and pick up one of these naughty little numbers, I mean what else you gonna spend the cash on?? A deposit on a house in this climate?? Pah!

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