Sunday, 13 June 2010

BOOK REVIEW: 'JUVENES' the Joy Division Photographs of Kevin Cummins' out now on To Hell With Publishing

Originally Published 8 Feb 2008:
Photographer Kevin Cummins' was with Joy Division from the start and began photographing the band when they were known as Warsaw in 1977.

Sadly Ian Curtis died three years later in 1980 but
his daughter Natalie remembered the profound effect Kevins photographs had on her as a child; "Even though I must have only been about three years old, I can still remember the first time I saw Kevin Cummins’ photographs of Joy Division. Even as a small child I was aware of the band and knew that my father was the singer, but seeing the black and white prints spread out across the carpet brought tangibility. They really did exist!"

The book showcases many previously unseen images as well as Cummins’ iconic pictures of the band. It also contains specially
commissioned personal essays by Natalie Curtis, Ian Rankin, Cath Carroll, David Peace, Matthew Higgs, Nick Lezard Alan Hempsall and Pat Nevin, JUVENES is a brooding investigation into the intangible quality that makes Joy Division one of the most loved and respected English bands still to this day.
You can see we've shown some images from JUVENES, the skill and craft of Cummins' is undeniable in the capture of what appears to be a deep in thought melancholy Curtis (left) and the band on a bridge (above).

If you would like to purchase the book it's available now in limited edition lettered and numbered copies priced at £500 and £200 respectively so you might need to raid the piggy bank. Visit To Hell With Publishing to buy.

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