Wednesday, 19 May 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: International Peoples Gang ' Up' out now on Hi-Phi Music

People people people! This one is not easy to find on CD so I was lucky to be sent a copy. The fact that a piece of music is rare does not always bely the fact that is will be good.

IPG have produced something that is simply outstanding and a t the risk of sound like a literary reviewer is engrossing and scintillates from the start. Interest is held until the very end. If you like artists like Thievery Corporation, Digitonal and compilation series like Hotel Costes then this is a release you will not want to miss.

It's deep, intellectual and uplifting. This is music to touch ones soul and is the perfect anti-dote to a stressful day in the city, wherever that may be, be it Rio, Madrid, London or Paris.

If you are looking for some beach tunes or a distraction on a long-haul then it's a must and it's a lot easier to find on download for your I-pod just head to Amazon.

But I digress. If you found this blog then  you probably know how to navigate the net and find the music you want. There are so many absorbing songs on UP that it's hard to make a distinction in terms of which is most distinguished in my eyes (or ears). I think the stand out track for me is the intricate, beat laden 'Second' for it's positivity and, as I look out my window over the rooftops of Paris and see the sun slowly setting in a multitude of hazy shades of pink and orange and blue, the message of hope and eternity in existence this album has invigorated in me.





  1. Nice one for the positive vibrations. Love on ya, Martyn & Ric (IPG) xxx

  2. Hi Guys, thanks for leaving a comment. Really digging the album. Please keep us in the loop on future prductions :)


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